Version of Land Lock Ceviche 

The inspiration of land locked ceviche is from a Thug cookbook I proudly own.  Found the recipe on the web: BUT being shelter in  place my ingredients are: 2 old slices of lime saved from a Chipotle delivery order 1 orange 3/4 of a Meyer lemon from tree 1  jalapeño pepper diced  (used ninja…… Continue reading Version of Land Lock Ceviche 

Lemon Meyer Dressing

I know I shouldn't use bottle dressing, but its SO EASY!! Thus, making a salad with wonderful Dirty Girl tomatoes and cucumbers from Monterey Market in Berkeley I thought, "Hell no!" I grabbed  Alice Water's, The Art of Simple Food II and started looking. Of course my  Meyer lemon tree didn't have any lemons ripe enough yet,… Continue reading Lemon Meyer Dressing


SOUTHERN FRIED CORN Serves 4-6 6 ears fresh corn ½ cup milk ½ cup water 1 teaspoon sugar 2 tablespoons bacon drippings Salt and Pepper Remove corn husks, breaking off steams. Remove silks with a stiff vegetable brush and ears in cold water. To cut kernels from cob, hold corn in a large shallow bowl… Continue reading SOUTHERN FRIED CORN