The Best Things About 2015

  1. Made new friends
  2. Saw  Neil Young in Berkeley’s Greek Theatre
  3. Visited family at 4th of July (one of my favorite holidays!)
  4. Sooki is a new family member from Berkeley Shelter
  5. Saw the Rolling Stones  Zip Code Tour in my “happy” city
  6. Had motion lights put around the house and fixed the fence
  7. Volunteered at Soil Not Oil Conference in Richmond, CA
  8.  Started a Blog 🙂
  9. Treasure Island Flea Market
  10. Having a German Bier at the Junket in El Cerrito Plaza
  11.  Got a crate of dry farmed tomatoes from Sea Level farm coordinated through Cosecha at Oakland Housewives Market
  12. Met Alice Waters at the ferry bldg!

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