The first Thanksgiving that comes to mind is when my immediate family (only) was at the table. Mom would spend all day cooking. She would get up around 7am and start cooking, as we had to eat by early afternoon.

She made the usual turkey and dressing, cooked real cranberries, and sweet potatoes. I’m thinking the only thing canned were the green beans and the pumpkin for the pie.

Sometimes, relatives would come over. Aunt Billie and her stupid boyfriend Freddie were usually show up. Yuk! Aunt Billie was really “Dumb Ass”. That’s what Mom called her because Aunt Billie was A DUMB ASS!! It wasn’t any fun generally speaking.  My sisters and I had to keep our mouths shut with relatives at dinner.

Aunt Billie aka Dumb Ass used to drop by for dinner a lot. When Dad worked 2nd shift we used to hide out from her in the back bedroom with the light on the floor. I felt like Anne Frank. If Dumb Ass knocked on the door we wouldn’t answer. Mom didn’t want to mess with her.

When Mom was growing up, Dumb Ass had TB, so my grandmother spoiled Dumb Ass rotten to the core. Dumb Ass never had to do anything. My grandmother did everything for her and often asked Mom to look after her as well.

I can remember years ago Dumb Ass being really sick and Mom went over to her house to do her laundry. Dumb Ass complained that Mom put too much starch in her sheets. Can I tell you that ended that?

When it came to Thanksgiving it was my 2 sisters, myself with Mom and Dad. Now that was a real holiday.

Then there was my Dad’s side of the family. This grandmother put oysters in the dressing. As kids, we were always yell, “Oysters! YUCK!” and get into trouble. Double Cola was always served to drink.

The last time I was back east for Thanksgiving, my sister said she would bring a turkey over. We were thrilled she offered to do that as baking a turkey is BIG deal in my book. Well, she walked in with pot and we open it up. Where’s the turkey? She only brought part of one. My brother-in-law ate the legs. He didn’t come as he wanted to spend time with his family, but he ate the legs!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with your family.

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