Invasion of Privacy

imagesI checked my vm yesterday and there was a strange message. “Hi! I’m (can’t make out the name) I was in your neighborhood looking to buy a house, pause… and well I looked you up on the white pages. This is Staci, right? I saw your house and Jason and I want to buy.  You can text me back or call me, just let us know.”

WTF? Are you shitting me? I was so freaked I couldn’t hardly watch the new Roseanne.(UPDATE: Roseanne went overboard being a racist. WTF? I had no idea. I thought the new series had good points and was hoping the tv show would get people thinking. You would know what I want talking about if you ever watched it).

Again WTF? How dare YOU invade my gd privacy. Unbelievable!!! I woke up around 4am last night and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I started some research. Did you know you could find out a lot of information on your neighbors? I always wondered how old my neighbor that is now renting his house. Damn, I thought he was younger! Scary shit!

All you have to do is type in Google, Who owns (plug in address) and it is pretty damn accurate. Some bitch is keeping up that data info, right?

Speaking of data, was watching The View yesterday and they were talking about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Whoppi made a good point. Whoppi warned us all TO BE CAREFUL what you are putting out there, as it won’t ever go away. It lives on forever in Cyberspace. She is so right on.

My question is, Once it’s out there, can we erase it?  That’s the big problem. For years I have been saying once you say you like pink poodles, that will come back and always haunt you. (Well, you said you liked pink poodles)  MFer!!!

In the old days, there was a phone book. If you didn’t want your address in, you could request not to list it. I can’t remember if there was an extra charge. Then there was the unlisted number. One paid more to have an unlisted number, but it was worth it. No unnecessary BS callers.

With cell phones, they have our numbers. How do we prevent them from abusing the privilege of us giving out our numbers? Can we stop them? Should we be reading that little pamphlet the credit card or your bank sends out every so often about disclosing information? Who has time to read all that? AND that’s what those no good cheatin’ lying capitalist pigs count on!!!

The only good thing about a cell phone is we can block them. That’s what I immediately did after that call about finding me in the white pages. I also tried to google her number. It came up as Oakland, then Pleasanton. I saved that number just in case. Hopefully, I never hear from that little creep EVER again.

In the meantime, I’m going to say I like pink and green beagles instead of pink poodles to see what happens.


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