No Curtains or Blinds

What is up with neighbors with no curtains or blinds? I don’t get it. Are we supposed to look at them? How can one not? No one has curtains anymore. Why? I don’t get it. We are on a busy street. Do you really want a stranger looking into your home? Do you care? How do you know that stranger isn’t checking out your house to come back and rob later?

When I’m in my backyard, one set of neighbors leave their side windows open. It’s only their side window, but I can see everything or them looking. I don’t blame them for looking. I would as well. Who knows what kind of activity goes on these days in a backyard?

I have to admit it that I don’t like it. I feel like I’m in a fish bowl. Am I supposed to accept this? Why do I have to spend tons of cash blocking them out? Why don’ t they just close their curtains? I really don’t get it. Am I overly paranoid?

Is this new “look at me” generation?  What am I missing?  Is it me always keeping my curtains closed at night? I could give a rat’s ass about looking at them. I can’t help looking though, when I’m in my backyard and see a flash of something going by the window.

I like them. I really do. I’m just feeling that privacy thing. What should I do?  Should I keep pretending I don’t see them?

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