I was blocked!

I was on Instagram doing a spring-cleaning recently. Unfollowing people, organizations, etc., that I wasn’t paying a heck of a lot of attention to any of them. All that extra “chatter” was making me miss out on the people and places I cared about.

In a hurry, I had accidentally deleted a work buddy and I will be damned I did again.  YIKES! I tried to find this work buddy, but there was no sign of this person on Instagram. Period. Nothing, zero. I emailed this person embarrassingly telling of my dumb ass mistake. Did I get a reply? Hell no!

I thought this person wasn’t much of a social media type anyways and assumed hat they just called it kapok. I gave up searching for my work buddy.

Then one day I noticed a person at work was suddenly on Instagram after months gone by and this person telling me to request to follow.

Then I got it. My work buddy blocked my ass. Did my work buddy block me cuz the “work person” was suddenly online? I know my work buddy wasn’t entirely buying the good ol’ friendly friend at work facade this person  presented. However, I was sucked into that display of friendship since it was so stressful at work.  So hell yes, welcoming a smiling face amidst the chaos was joyous.

I’ve never been blocked. I’ve never known that I was intentionally blocked. Why would my work buddy block me? Sick of me screwing up hitting unfollow twice? Tired of me being a dumb ass? Was it because that work person would know my work buddy’s business being connected to me? OR was my work buddy really not my buddy any more and didn’t want anything to do with me?  Why?

Was it because I got out and didn’t tell my work buddy months before my last day announcement?  I hinted many times…

I did tell my work buddy a couple of days before since this person was taking time off and wouldn’t be there. Did my work buddy just not like me anymore and had no time for me?

I always thought we were friends. Friends in the work place. A comrade I could talk shit to that pretty well agreed about most circumstances that were happening at the time.

I just don’t get it. I guess I should get it. I was blocked. Blocked from my work buddy’s Instagram account. He just didn’t like me anymore. Nothing was said, just thrown out.

That sucks!

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