Is The Customer Always Right?

I was volunteering the other day. Three people suddenly came up at once to the desk. One volunteer took care of the first person. The older lady was hesitating and the person next to her was ready to go. I took care of that person. Thus the older lady started complaining she was there first. Yes, she was there before the other person, but I took care of that person FIRST as I knew it was a quickie and I could then take the time to deal with the older woman.

She said it happened to her all the time. She was never waited on first when she was there first. Hey, how about SPEAKING UP? Lady, you are in a crowded situation with tons of people, questions, and things happening.  How can you complain, when you were taken care of asap, as you didn’t open your mouth?

The  cherry on the cake was she came back to complain AGAIN to ME. She tells me it was a beautiful day and no reason to be there crabby, but I made her crabby because she was there first and I didn’t wait on her. Again, I told her she was hesitating and I was thinking her interaction would require MORE time and I was taking care of a situation that could be easily dealt with thus giving her all the time necessary. BUT, did she hear me? NO she did not hear me. I HEARD her, but I can’t agree with her.

I’ve been in that same spot. Sometimes I think it’s just an overlook, but rarely a direct HIT. Although…

Last time I returned something at Macy’s two young women told me I couldn’t return the shoes as it was from a vendor, not Macys. I told them I ordered the shoes online from Macy’s. I never had a problem before. I asked for a manager. One of them tried calling a manager and no one answered and they again told me I could not return the shoes after looking at the bottom of the shoes in the box for the 5thtime. (Like I had actually worn them) I was really starting to get aggravated.

I told them I would start looking for a supervisor or manager on the floor. One of them finally says that they will go ahead and refund the shoes for me, but they would probably be in trouble and didn’t know if the transaction would go through.

Did it go through? HELL YES with no complications. When I got home I looked at the receipt. I’ll be damned! The instructions for RETURN were on the bottom. Were they messin’ with me? What do you think? Are they just unaware of the return procedures???

Back to the older woman who said I didn’t wait on her first. I had no intention of ignoring her or making her mad. I was just attempting to move the crowd on so I could give her time. Thus, if this ever happens again, I can only do what I think can help. If one person complains, is that normal after dealing with over hundreds of interactions? I can only aim for 100 percent satisfaction. Sorry, I’m not a robot.


people crowd walking




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