SB 1069, AB2299 & AB2406 in California

I haven’t been doing much lately. Somehow I twisted my foot and damn near 2 weeks I couldn’t walk on it.  Not sure what it was/is, but will find out soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been rather down and out. I’m so angry and mad over the laws Governor Brown signed at the beginning of the year for ADUs. UGH!!! The Governor signed  SB 1069  (Wieckowski), AB 2299  (Bloom), and AB 2406  (Thurmond).

No one takes public transportation. (What was that person smoking that wrote the bill?)  How many representatives of the people live in a neighborhood that has ADUs? I want to research this. My guess is none. I will bet you ten dollars.

All I can say is NOT IN MY BACKYARD and all you marketing spin-doctors can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.Would YOU want 2 houses on the same lot near YOU? Do you know what this creates? NO PARKING for starters. That used to be a requirement.  Noise level, different sets of people coming and going could be a security or noise problems with the addition of zero privacy. (Already have lived this and it’s no fun)

A friend told me once that your backyard should be so private you should be able to go out in your pjs and not be seen. HA HA. Not true. The investment property owners should be required to be up privacy fences with all the extra cash flow IF they were really involved in the community. They are only involved for one thing and that’s their pocket books. (ka-ching, ka-ching)

I don’t think many people even know these bills passed and that’s what all these representatives counted on. How come there isn’t a web site letting us know this and that bill is up to be signed and what we can do about it? Aren’t these bill writers representing THE PEOPLE? WTF? We get emails left and right about this sale and that product, what about emails that some yuck a yuck is trying to pass to feather their nest or thinking they are actually doing good for the community? Where are those emails? Please tell me where in the hell I sign up. I’m sick and tired of waking up and finding out that the bullshit in my neighborhood is suddenly legal.  I am mad as hell and trying to figure out what actions I can take as a member of my community as I see the quality of life deteriorate.





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