It’s been to long!

What were the best things of 2017?

  1. Got to see my family at the end and beginning of year. Was sick. but I made it back to see them.
  2. Went to the Breakfast with Bobby Seale for Black History Month in Richmond February 2017
  3. Opening day for SF Giants. Had nose bleed seats, but thrilled as always to be there!
  4. Discovered Eagles of Death Metal (yes, I know they have been around…)
  5. Gave up on expectations. This makes life so much easier.
  6. Was part of the Guinness World Records for largest human flower in July at Asian Art Museum
  7. Made it to my happy place in the Fall
  8. Decided that if shit comes down this year, street justice will prevail
  9. Quit my job using early retirement!
  10. I don’t have to run out of here o’dark thirty!
New Year!

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