Macho, Macho….

As a single woman, over the years I have gotten so much grief from foreign men. Take it back many years. I worked in an in-house printing department at a major corporation. I was in the prep/design area. I worked there for many years. One day one of the printers chewed an asshole in me. He told me I should be home having babies and taking care of the house as I was taking a job away from a man. He was referring to himself of course. I told my supervisor if he ever said anything to me again regarding that subject I would make a mad dash to HR. I think this counts as #metoo.

I had forgotten about that until I was walking my dog the other day. I had just left my house. I see 2 men at a rapid pace walking towards me not sharing the sidewalk. One of them looks me in the eye and yells something that sounds really awful in his language. I replied, “If only I spoke another language! I would say plenty! You are a smart ass! “ He paid no attention and proceeded on his way. I thought I saw him in his car coming around the block looking sheepish when I turned the corner.

Today I realize that prick is my neighbor. Gee, should I back my shit off? HECK NO!!!

It is really annoying that foreign men think that they can say and do whatever they want in MY country.   If I was in their country, I would respect whatever the social requirements are in place. In the Middle East, women are required to cover their head. If I was there I would cover my head out of respect. So why don’t these jive turkeys in my country respect American women? Do they think we are privileged?

Is it because we were born in the west? Born in the USA?  Gotta say that we have fought for our rights as well. It’s never been a picnic here either.

Thus, I realize this is a very small percentage, but when there is a confrontation in my face, I have to say something. I could keep quite, but with the #metoo movement, everything should be out in the open….EVEN if it only happens once in a while….So bottom line, what the hell is wrong ? Just more macho BS? Well, get a grip cuz buddy you are in AMERICA and we ARE ALL EQUAL. NO matter what anyone says!!!