accurate alarm alarm clock analogue
Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on Pexels.com

Been watching 911, the new series on FOX. Angela Basset who plays a woman cop says to Peter Krause,  a fireman in the series, “People from the outside don’t understand what we go through everyday. They have no idea.” AMEN! That’s how I felt when I worked for 15 years at the hospital. Time was on a different vortex.

Why? I think because you have to seriously BE HERE NOW every moment. The day before felt like 100 years, last week felt like a million years had passed. The thing was the day dragged. Start at 7am, look at the clock 7:20, which seemed like at least it should at least be 10 am, right?

Now that I am at home, time zips by. I can lose the morning in a bat of an eye. I am out doing yard work, come in the house and it’s 2 hrs later, when I’m thinking it’s only been about 20 minutes.

Time. That’s all we really got for a while…which reminds me of my 2 favorite movies. Justin Timberlake in the movie where the rich have all the time and the poor are always running out. No one ages after age 25.

And Looper with Bruce Willis. WOW

It’s all about T I M E.  Time to move ahead, stay where you are at, but DO whatever you need to do while you still have T I M E.


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