Tartine All Day: Modern Recipes for the Home Cook [A Cookbook]

by Elisabeth M. Prueitt 2017 Cousins gave me this cookbook. I’ve had it for awhile and just really started reading the recipes. She uses a lot of different flours that I don’t have in my pantry. Do you? Why would you? Especially with the past two years with Covid and shut downs, supply chain shortage…… Continue reading Tartine All Day: Modern Recipes for the Home Cook [A Cookbook]

Orzo & Housing & Tomato Sauce

I don’t know jack about pasta. I have to look it up when I see the names. Maybe I should go to Italy and hang out for at least 3 months and soak up the culture and learn the names of pasta! Orzo is hard to find. Maybe I don’t go to right places? Normal…… Continue reading Orzo & Housing & Tomato Sauce


I just got my first box of spices from Burlap & Barrel. I debated joining. Was it worth it? Is it worth it? Shouldn’t I be supporting my local spice people? I just couldn’t resit getting a box at least once. Included in this box: Pemba Cloves- that’s some fancy cloves Toasted Onion- Will definitely…… Continue reading SPICE CLUB