After getting the shipment from Burlap and Barrel, I decided to order from Oaktown as they had free shipping if you spent so much. I thought I read that they were offering the deal as one could order “replacement” spices in pkgs not the jars. I had my small empty jam jars ready, but when the pkg arrived yesterday everything but the yeast was in a spice jar. (Added I COULD have went directly to the store as it’s not that far away, but decided to have the spices shipped because I would have probably would have purchased more in person)

I ordered a variety and got a hell of a lot more for damn near the price of the spice club from Burlap and Barrel. I got the following: 

Pickling Spice-For spiced pickles, use about 1 Tbsp of this mix per quart of pickling liquid. This blend also works well for corning your own brisket of beef as well as boiling a corned beef. Just add 2-3 Tbsp per 3…( Next time I make pickles…whoo hoo!)

Grand Lake Shake-Rich, peppery, salty and a wee bit sweet. Rub liberally on meat or poultry, or shake into dips, on potatoes or eggs. Also try in your Bloody Mary instead of celery salt. White pepper, onion and a touch of mustard…( This blend sounded really interesting and how could you not order it when thinking of using it in your Bloody Mary.)

Za’atar- A versatile blend with many incarnations, Za’atar can be used as a simple condiment with olive oil for dipping bread or baked on flat bread. It features the tartness of sumac and the nutty flavor of sesame seeds. (I keep reading about this blend and look forward to trying it. I feel like such a “cracker” for even writing this, but…)

Ground New Mexican  Chile-First developed at New Mexico State University, these chiles descend from the pasilla, Colorado and negro chile peppers. Use as a base for chile colorado and other sauces.

Dill Seeds-With a pungent, bitter flavor, dill seed is used to add bitterness to pickles, breads, veggies, fish and soups. In India, dill seeds are used in curry powders and masalas. (I am thinking pickles.)

Mustard Powder– The product of ground yellow mustard seeds, mustard powder can be used to add tang to dry rubs or zesty sauces and salad dressings. Add water to make your own fresh hot mustard on the spot. 

I also purchased a small pkg of yeast thinking about making pizza dough instead of buying it at Trader Joes. 

In comparison, the Burlap and Barrel Spice club is a surprise and that can be a good thing as it’s always fun and interesting to try new ingredients, but it’s a bit pricey compared to my local spice shop. Will i quit the Spice club? I don’t know. I’ll wait and see how the ol’ inventory is holding up right before their next shipment.   

It’s really not fair to compare Burlap and Barrel spice club to just buying spices at Oaktown as one can purchase spices from them without going the club. I’m just comparing the price first off, then the quality which is still in progress. Stay tuned and in the meantime check out both sites:  Burlap and Barrel and Oaktown.


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