Recipes to try

Please find the links of great recipes I’ve found this week through email subscriptions or websites. I’ve been laid up with a bad sprain so had some time to use wisely! I haven’t made anything yet, but when I do, will let you know how everything turns out.

SLOW COOKER SPANISH MEAT BALLS- Martha Stewart newsletter. I plan on using turkey burger, but after reading the reviews I am also going to simmer.

EXTRA CORNY CORNBREAD MUFFINS –From Bon Appetite newsletter that the editor’s assistant made.  The editor LOVED the cornbread muffins and had them for breakfast. I was so happy to read her comments as lately breakfast is boring. Can’t wait to make it as I love cornbread as well and for breakfast! YUM!

VEGETARINA KORMAFrom instagram about a local restaurant.

ASIAN ROTISERRE CHICKEN SALADMartha Steward newsletter. This recipe sounds so easy using rotisserie chicken.


ROASTED CARROT AND CHICKPEA SALADKITCHN newsletter described this a “must eat” salad.

 Please stay tuned.


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