Paramahansa Yoganada

Have you ever read, Autobiography of a Yogi ? He was the first master of yoga to come and live in the USA in 1920. He founded the Self realization Fellowship .

My old paperback book is now decorating that I bought in 1973, so many years ago, you’d think I would have some enlightenment, ‘eh?  At this stage of life, I’m just trying to chill and accept what is, IS as my Dad says. I love eastern philosophy. Period. I’ve been to India twice and would go again if I could find a dog sitter so that I can stay longer. I hate leaving my dog in a kennel to long of a time, don’t you?

I visited Yogananda’s place in Santa Monica twice. We went and toured the grounds. Beautiful. I remember the Koi pond. The fish were beautiful and friendly. They would come up to you.  Looking at the fish, I started thinking, how could anyone eat something like that? Thus, I gave up beef, pork and chicken. However, I continued to eat fish at that time. Pretty ironic, wouldn’t you think?

Apx. a year later, I gave in to eating chicken and turkey back in the midwest.. However, I still don’t eat beef or pork. I miss pork. The “other” white meat, right? (Did you know they put pig’s values in heart patients? That should deter that desire, I would think…. )

Years later, My sister and I went to a Sunday sermon in Santa Monica.  I was ok, but I thought there would be chanting. I’ve been thinking I might go back… Maybe I should try going to a Sunday sermon again as a center is near me.

The most beautiful gardens I’ve been to is in Encinitas.. You can feel the love in the garden that overlooks the ocean. If you don’t believe me, please visit. Next time, I’m in San Diego I plan on visiting.  It’s just down the coast and it’s a really beautiful place.

I want to end this with a line from a prayer I found in his mini book called, Metaphysical Mediations.  This prayer is the best thing for the world at this time.

Let us pray in our hearts for a League of souls and a United World.

from Prayer to a United World by Paramahansa Yogananda




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