Winter Solstice

1960 snow 2SISTERSThe first thing I think of is:  Sting’s “If on a winter’s night”.

These days I really don’t want to celebrate Christmas. Maybe you like Christmas and enjoy buying or making  gifts. That’s great. Maybe you are a Christian and/or have children. I still like to give some kind of gift to my family, but over the years I just want to embrace the season and celebrate Solstice. Winter can be rainy and cold, sun shining, or tons of snow and ice depending where you live. Either way, it’s great to have to enjoy the season for what it is.

Most of the time my celebration is just having a cocktail toasting the shortest day of the year. However, this year I hope to make it a bit more special.

I plan on going over by the bay and just enjoying the scenery being grateful I live so close to the bay.

That evening, gather a few friends to have cocktails. Maybe we will have some sparkling wine or cosmos with a twist of lime? A good cheese plate with crackers or bread and something warm sounds tasty! Mushroom turnovers from Trader Joe’s  frozen section are great! Don’t laugh. Then we need to add some smoked fish and something green. What kind of vegetables?

Light the fireplace and hope it’s not a no burn day or the house doesn’t burn down and make sure we listen to Sting!

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