I live in ½ a mil trailer park. At least, that’s what it feels like with less than 5 ft. apart from neighbors as the smell of anything from their house or mine drifts…and then there’s noise.

Buses and cars zooming, motorcycles roaring, radios blasting, people screaming, people milling around waiting for the bus along the big huge red line that is only one of two within 3 blocks. Great planning AC Transit btw!

Noise from kids screaming, foreign language arguments from that stinkin’ ADU,  (that’s accessory dwelling unit that is now LEGAL after putting up with all kinds of bullshit for years. The karma bank here is overflowing let me tell you.) Dishes, pots n pans rattling, me yelling over baseball (Have to as a Giants fan), next door yelling at his kid or kid yelling, motorcycle zooming out, and old people chattering.

Yet, when the dog barks it sure seems to be a big gd deal.  Noise is noise, mfers. I swear I’ve heard someone shout, “Shut up!” WTF? I don’t yell that at you. You are one rude mfer! What did that little dog ever do to you except bark? Big damn deal! What if I yelled that at you when you had your big drunken parties and I had to hide out with the windows closed as you were so LOUD we could still hear you? Need better insulation for sure with the double pane windows.

That little dog will save your life one day! IF she lived here when you got robbed, just maybe she would have scared off the robbers. So be nice to that little dog. She’s part of the family, too.

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