Best of 2019

As the year ends it’s good to think about the good stuff from the year:

Baseball. Went to a lot more SF GIANTS games this year as bought packaged deals and tickets from Costco as it’s pricey!  Getting worried about the team this year though….but that’s another post.

Same for Oakland A’s. Thrilled to have went to opening day since this year didn’t go to the Giants opening day.

Saw a great Andy Warhol exhibit at SOMA (Love Andy)

Made it another year without working for the man. HA HA HA

Starting painting again. When I get at least 10 paintings might put them up on

Reworked weirsisters. Used Go Daddy as I just can’t get it together to use Dreamweaver. It blows my mind these days. I used the software the first time I set up and had pages called, What’s the bitch? Tear another asshole in me, and reviews, but then let it go for years. It’s thrilling to at least have the site revised!  Not in love with the format, but hopefully will improve if there is a commitment to get back working on it weekly.

Everybody is still breathing.





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