Not feeling it this year

July 4, 2019 has come and gone. I always look forward to the holiday, but not this year. First was the Nike bullshit of the Betsy Ross Flag. That was a real piss off! When did a bunch of white rednecks take over the Betsy Ross Flag? This is the flag of the 13 American colonies. Without that honey, you might not live in the USA as there might not be a USA.

I’m ready to get a teaching degree and teach American history. Then I’m thinking what the hell happens in class rooms these days? They wouldn’t even let Bill Maher lecture in Berkeley, land of free speech. WTF?

2nd thing that really sucked was Trump diverting funds from the national parks for his military parade. Really? Remember when the they froze the budget and the national parks started going to hell as no one was there to mind the store? I remember reading that Joshua Tree National Park was completely ran over with people not respecting the the park and it would take some time and MONEY for recovery.

Don’t get me wrong a military parade is nice for 4th of July, but taking money from other funds isn’t. Added to the fact I think it was a big showboat for North Korea.

Then I’m at a ball game. I love baseball. This wasn’t my team, (LET’S GO GIANTS!!) but I enjoy watching the A’s. I should have known I was in trouble when I heard this older woman’s accent siting behind me. She sounded like she could have been from  South Carolina, Texas or the Deep South. She kept letting this toddler kick the hell out of my chair as he kept moving around. I finally got up and left. A friend with me said she kept turning around looking at them and the father  finally says, “He’s only a 2 year old.” So what?!  Family values are so special.

I wish there would have been a seat behind THEM! I would have went Soprano on their asses and  kicked the shit out of all their chairs. It’s always different when you give these fu*kers the same dose. I know as I lived in San Francisco with freaking psychos as neighbors for years, but that’s another story.

Next year I just might quietly slip away. I don’t think I’d even be missed and guess what? I don’t care.

Note: 2020- Be careful what you wish for. This July 4th sucked BIG TIME. No ball game! (even with a kid kicking the seat) Nothing going on. Shelter in place.


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