Been TOOOO long

It’s almost the end of June 2019. I haven’t posted in a long time? Why? Good question. Been trying to take care of many things. For one reworked the old website. Damn it! I used to half ass know Dreamweaver and I just can’t force myself to sit in front of a screen and try this and that and that works, this doesn’t…so I went with Go Daddy.

Honestly, I’m glad it’s up and running and the layout is better…but I really don’t like it. Many years ago when I sit up it was so original. I got bored with it and tried to rework it and screwed it all up. I could never find WYSIWYG free that I liked. So it’s bittersweet, but at least it’s up and live.

I haven’t updated anything in a while. I keep waiting on my sisters. After all it is called  So that’s another items on the ditty list.

Been trying to clean up the yard that is major labor intensive. Years ago when the illegal unit had this really creepy couple that always babysat I basically stayed the hell out of the backyard. The guy was a bitch. He would hang his clothes and UNDERWEAR on the line right by the fence so when we ran the sprinkler he would go el-nuto. I thought he was gonna stroke out. He ran up to the “big house” where frantically knocking on the door screaming in his language and the dumb fuck that rented it illegally just looked at him and closed the door.

This was before Jerry Brown signed a bill that made “granny units” (illegal units) LEGAL in California. I fucking hate it. It’s dg double density. It’s bitter ass sweet living here after many bullshit encounters I have decided just to deal with one at a time.

Also been painting and drawing which takes a lot of time. One does need a creative outlet along with cooking and continuously reading recipes on line and cookbooks.

My cousin just sent me a book called, “The Complete Garlic Lover’s Cookbook from Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World”. I can’t wait to check it out! THEN I’m thinking DAMN I live here and never went to the festival that should be coming up in the very near future.

Why haven’t I been? Cuz it’s so damn hot. If you ever lived in an area where the temperatures generally don’t get over 75ish in the summer, then you know what I’m talking about. We always hope that KarltheFog will roll in. I love that. It’s magical! You can see it rolling in and the winds pick up. It’s cold as hell at sunset.  I love being in the city and you can smell food cooking as the fog rolls in and people are bundled up trying not to freeze.

Years ago on night shift we were a little slow and the attending overheard us talking about the garlic festival. He told us that at that time he was an intern and they had to fly into Gilroy to pick up a patient. He got out of the helicopter and yelled, “what the hell is that smell?” He didn’t know it was garlic as he was from NYC.

I got more excuses. Been trying to clear space. UGH. It’s time-consuming and painful. Been repainting. Recently repainted the hallway floor. Yes, that floor is painted, as the hardwood floors were crap when we moved in and had zero time to sand and varnish, as we were being evicted from a house a few blocks away and had to move in immediately. Same thing in Marin County. Living in the bay area is bittersweet. That’s my new mantra.

Thus am going to do my best to tell you my BS or some great recipes I’ve come across or complain about local politics. I can cc the “leaders” this blog. 🙂




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