California Soul: Recipes from a Culinary Journey West 

by Tanya Holland 2022

Wow! Just read her black eyed pea dip recipe! And get this, whole made crackers!!! Moma Mia!! Since new year’s is just around the corner, been looking at black eyed recipes. I plan on cooking the beans tomorrow, so they will be ready to either make a salad or a dip…maybe both.

I got this book from the library and am seriously thrilled to have it in my hands for the holidays. The Gods have been generous!! California Soul has some awesome recipes and I haven’t begun to absorb them. Alice Waters writes a beautiful intro that makes one want to dive in and start reading.

Will I buy California Soul ? I don’t know as I have ZERO space. The book shelves are jammed! I have an overflowing shelf of local chefs books and now need more space BIG TIME. I have Tanya’s Brown Sugar cookbook. AND that makes me think of her cornbread with butter recipe. OMG!!! It’s so damn good! Her cornbread with black eyed peas. YUM!!

Happy New Year!!


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