Everyone’s Table


Gregory Gourdet & JJ Goode

I like this cookbook, BUT he uses toooo many ingredients I’m not gonna run out and buy or attempt to make. Am I lazy? No, just not motivated. I know my limitations. 

He writes about eating a lot of junky stuff, etc. and decides to start eating right. His recipes truly reflect that, but like I said…I just don’t have the ingredients in my pantry. 

Just looked the book up on Amazon. People love it. I wish I did…

Here are a few of  Amazon Editorial Reviews:

“Easy, colorful, full of flavor and vegetable forward, Everyone’s Table will surely be everyone’s favorite cookbook. Having immensely enjoyed Gregory’s fantastic food over the years, I’m so excited for the world to taste exactly what makes him such a favorite on Top Chef.”  — Padma Lakshmi, author and host/executive producer of Bravo’s Top Chef and Hulu’s Taste the Nation

Everyone’s Table offers an explosion of flavors from whole food ingredients, infusing spice, texture, and bursts of color into simple, everyday recipes.”  — Melissa Urban, CEO of Whole30 and New York Times bestselling author

“Chef Gregory’s show-stopping, umami-packed, globally inspired, technicolor dishes are the stuff dreams are made of. I’m over the moon that I can finally cook his genius recipes at home!” — Michelle Tam, New York Times bestselling cookbook author and creator of the Nom Nom Paleo blog

“In Everyone’s Table, Chef Gregory shares not only his delicious thoughts on food but also provides a blueprint on how to live a healthier life. He intimately shares how he evolved not only as a chef but as a person. There are so many insights that we all can learn from and exciting recipes to replicate at home. Thankful for Chef Gregory for sharing this with us.”  — Marcus Samuelsson award-winning chef, restaurateur & author

I just went to his website and his meatloaf (game changer) reads very tasty, although there is an ingredient I never heard of and has a page number. Epis on page 296. WHAT is EPIS?? I had to “google” it. Here’s what came up:

Epis is a blend of peppers, garlic, and herbs that is used as a flavor base for many foods in Haitian cuisine. Some refer to it as a pesto sauce. It is also known as epise and zepis. It is essential for Haitian cuisine. Wikipedia

Main ingredients: Bell peppers, garlic, citrus juice, parsley, and other herbs and spices

Place of origin: Haiti

It all makes sense. I don’t know jack about this cuisine. I would rather go to a restaurant. (Does he have one?) than cook it. 🙂 Hell YES he has a restaurant. Please check out: https://kannrestaurant.com  It’s in Portland, OR. Only been once, TIME to go again. When is the game for those SF  Giants Alaskan airline vouchers give away? Next Year!


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