This morning

The motion light was going on and off all night. I’m thinking is it a zombie on the side of the house? Nah, dog would be barking. Critters? Probably! The city won’t trim the big old beautiful pine tree that has branches touching the roof which makes it a bridge. Critters have a circus going most of the time….and that sets off the motion light.

With the motion light going on and off, I started thinking IF I could get up before 9 am, I’d run the sprinkler for apx 15 min as plants are starting to look DRY. There is a drought, but if I don’t take a shower today that would equal the water usage more or less.

Finally, I got up and decided to go out on the back porch. My GOD! Did it rain? No, the marine layer is thick as all get out. That makes me really happy! It’s old times. We used to get that all the time. I miss that. Almost like “real” weather here.

I feel damn lucky I live here as the rest of the USA is either flooded or hot as hell. BUT we do pay the price. Is it worth it? Most of the time, some of the time, but not all the time.

We got neighbors up our ass as our houses are so damn close together. Small ass lot sizes, while politicians like Scott Weiner want to put 4 units on corner lots. MFER. It’s bad enough as is.

We installed a shed help block neighbors behind us. A foreign construction company flipped that 2 bedroom house into a mini mansion. They put a deck right next to the fence. Ha ha. It’s funny cuz that deck is holding up the fence.

This kind of stuff makes me want to move out in the middle of nowhere, but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fog. But wait…if you lived near the mighty Ohio river there could be fog….


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