Easy dinner…

It’s been a long time since last posting. Why? Many reasons… I could blame Covid or back pain, but I won’t.

Anyways what’s for dinner tonight? Who is watching the Braves/Dodger game? I hate the Dodgers as I am a Giants fan. No Giants fan would want the Dodgers to win, right?

To make it easy for the game, dinner will be a sandwich inspired by Semi Freddie’s bakery in Kensington. You take a baguette ( I like to use the one from Trader Joes. You heat it up and it’s a little crunchy)

Next smear it was a mixture of mayo and Sriracha hot sauce, then add your lunch meat and cheese or whatever you would like…Wrap it up in parchment paper or aluminum foil and bake until cheese melts. Then I add either spinach or lettuce or arugula. YUM.

EASY!!! Grab a cold beer and boo the Dodgers!

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