Dear W. Erik Carlson:

I am writing to tell you that as a long time customer I quit DISH. We had waited over a year for you to bring back NBC Bay Area Sports. I have been so heart broken not being able to see my favorite team, the SF GIANTS. 

It killed us last year as on opening day you pulled that station. That is so mean and disappointing and downright EVIL.

We stayed with Dish as we had a contract. I stupidly agreed to a lower monthly price, but had to do a 2 year contract. I never dreamed YOU would pull NBC Bay Area sports station. 

We have put up with a lot of BS from DISH for years. You pulled FX when HELL ON WHEELS was on. You  didn’t offer HBO when the last season of GAME OF THRONES was about to begin!, You dropped AMC station, but we PUT UP WITH IT…NEVER dreaming you would pull our local sports station.

That’s true BS and the BS copy writer for DISH telling customers that people didn’t want to pay for something they didn’t watch. SURE…like those stupid buy a knife, hunting, European sports stations, region stations,  and kiddie programming. REALLY???????

I feel so LUCKY to have found a network to watch my team! My heart sings when I see my beloved SF Giants and all I can think is DAMN!!! how could YOU????

BYE BYE!!!!!

– A customer for over 20 years! What DOES that tell you???

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