July 4th 2022

Did you having a BIG cookout? Friends and family over and not giving a crap about COVID anymore? I’m STILL nervous. Am I stupid, over paranoid or what???

We did invite our buddies over 6 blocks away, but haven’t heard from them. I’m thinking their daughter got ‘em involved in something….oh well, as my cousin says.

So…..gonna fire up the grill with some turkey hotdogs and sausages and make a Pesto Pasta Salad.

——Pesto Salad———-

Cook your pasta- any kind really. I don’t think I’d use spaghetti type though…

Let it cool and add:

Pesto (using some Kirkland from Costco or you can make your own..many recipes out there)

Mayo- add a little to Pesto

Black olives

Peas (from frozen)

A little bit of carrot

AND some Feta cheese.

How easy is that?

AND I put my flag out. It really, really, really, really makes me angry that there is an “insinuation” of being a Trump supporter when one flys the  American Flag for the holiday. WTF? HELL NO!!!!

Same thing for Betsy Ross. WTF? Betsy Ross flag is racist??? WTF?? https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/betsy-ross-flag-nike-colin-kaepernick-patriot-movement-ku-klux-klan-854612/

CHECK OUT THE LINK ABOVE. THIS also infuriates me. I love the Betsy Ross flag. To me, it’s a symbol of the beginning of the USA,  the 13 colonies that fought the British and that’s when I become patriotic. We fought the British and WON, damn it.

I’m so sick of all these racist groups, white boys, etc taking symbols of America and using the flag for their beliefs and philosophies. Social media sticks it up everyone’s ass over all this and all the Russian hackers drive it as well. WTF???!! 

The hell with all that! SERIOUSLY. IF you wanna put your flag out for the holidays, DO IT, otherwise that’s another piece of history changed for the new world order.

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