I woke up this morning…

Have you seen that clip on Instagram where the guy has a cup of coffee and he says, “ I woke up this morning and didn’t give a fu*k’? Well, I actually thought that this morning. 

I should have gotten up and immediately ran out the door to Costco to buy gas this morning when less crowded. Last time I checked the price it was $6.29  for regular. Mfers! Capitalist Pigs!!!

Every time I think of “Capitalist Pigs”, reminds me of that Frazier episode where they are watching the antique show and decide to have a drink when the guy says, “Veneer!” Why? Cuz I find myself saying Capitalist Pigs a lot THESE DAYS. AND WHO wouldn’t, right?  (Maybe I should be having a drink every time that happens as well. )

The thing that got me out of bed was I thought I heard the guy next door working on the side of his house. I looked at the clock and it was 7am. WTF? Are you fu*king serious?

Then I started thinking about his house. His house is situated on a lot that you cannot be near any of his windows, except one. I got windows on that side of the house. IF I keep them open, it’s like next door lives with me, which I prefer not. 

Speaking of windows open, if you have your curtains pulled (provided you even put any up), people are going to look in. How do YOU not understand that? Fu*king really? Hell, when some jack ass parks out in front of the house and sits in the car a little too long, I close mine. I don’t know what that asshole is doing in there. Right?

In fact, one day I saw a woman yank her toddler out of the car, pull down her pants and took a big whiz by the big beautiful pine tree on the curb. I used to sweep up all the pine needles and debris on the street by the tree as the street cleaner can’t get to it as the tree is so big. NOT ANYMORE. I’d done that job for over 20 years as a gd good citizen. 

And that’s why this morning I woke up and didn’t give a ….

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