Comments from living here…

For years and I mean years, I’ve kept it down to a low roar living here in the 1/2 million+ dollar trailer park in the bay area.

It’s not really a trailer park, but it sure as hell feels like one. We are less than 6 ft from our neighbors and behind us is an ADU. That’s Accessory Dwelling Unit, which is total bullshit. It’s bad enough we are ALL so close and top of one another, but to keep building on these small lots? WTF???

The Politicians are in bed with the developers. They are pushing like hell to turn YOUR backyard into a money maker (& property tax for them btw)  Build that ADU and rent it!! Help pay for that overpriced piece of property to live here! People need housing, didn’t you know? (and what the Press never mentions is: It has always been a BITCH to find housing here. I know. My friends know. We’re just not a bunch of cry babies or in bed with developers)  

Backyards are meant to be enjoyable, not hearing another roaring ass tv, etc. Backyards are for relaxing, planting your garden, enjoying your family, etc. Who wants to build a place to rent and deal with that kind of bullshit?  

Some renters are great and others aren’t. Who wants to share the space with a creepy low life member of your family that never works or renters that YOU thought were ok because you decided not to check their background and find out you are in the movie, Pacific Heights?

I’ve kept the noise level down since we are surrounded by babies or toddlers, but now that the asshole parents have become REALLY big assholes, might as well join ‘em. If you can’t beat ‘em, HELL YES!!!!!

Here in this state, with limited resources, zoning bills were signed by our governor. The minute he escaped being recalled btw. That’s when I decided I’m not voting for that fu*ker. He signed bills that allow 4 units instead of one for corner lots. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP.

We LIVE with that ADU behind us and it’s been a bitch over the years. Crazy ass MFers & screaming brats ALL the time. (Knock on wood, it’s tolerable for now=no one living there is crazy…) Something is wrong btw, when a kid continually YELLS at the top of their lungs. I never could understand WHY none of the wonderful mothers went over to see what the hell was going on with that kid as they were ALWAYS so concerned over every little noise or action. So…WTF?

The horrible thing is this is happening ALL OVER America. Developers are in bed with YOUR Representative! Beware! Keep your eyes peeled on zoning laws being passed, unless you WANT to walk out in your backyard and have a bunch of people all over OR you wanna park on the street and there isn’t any SPACE. Why? cuz the new zoning laws DO NOT REQUIRE to provide parking!  Your ass should be on the bus that never shows up.

I’m sure you’ve head of NIMBY or this one: YIMBY. I love to mess with that one! Yes, in my backyard there will be children playing, gardens and sitting in the lounge chairs minding our own business and additional building.  Hell, yes!

Just saying!

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