I keep saying that I won’t buy anymore cookbooks…but

Have you checked out grist? A cookbook by Abra Berens. The first time I saw and read about this book, I thought…so what! I was WRONG. I decided to check it out at the library. It is FULL of great recipes for beans, seeds, grains and legumes. There are sections of what to do with your beans for the week if you get bored. Hell YES!

There is a section for vinaigrettes, mayos, dressing, herb relishes and flavorful rigs. What the hell is a rig? I don’t know. I assume it means ‘to put together”? Am I right?

Pickled and marinated vegetables is another section . Who knew you could pickle dried fruit? REALLY? Yes, really.

The sections are condiments, legumes, grains. Seeds are in the grain section. I can’t wait to make the pickle liquid dressing and the mint almond relish.

My copy of this book is going to be written in, highlighted and dog eared in a few months.

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