Who pays family to do stuff?

I don’t like paying family to do stuff, do you? Family is family and family don’t need to be paid. Oh, Cousin Susan is broke, she needs money. So what! Cousin Susan should get off her ass if she really wants to help and has the time. People do stuff to be rewarded with money??

That’s like giving a gift and expecting something in return. You don’t get anything in return then get pissed off as YOU gave. What kind of bullshit thinking is this?

If you keep paying your family to do stuff you become dependent on them. After all, you paid them! One must expand that circle as something could happen and that family member won’t be available. Then what??

I’m a true believer in being as independent as possible. The ONLY person one can depend on is yourself. PERIOD. I’m not clear WHY anyone would want to depend on a family member they are paying to do stuff. If you can’t do it yourself, find alternative means.

Groceries and supplies can be delivered. Sure, you might have to pay a little more and not be able to pick out exactly what you want, but it beats depending on someone with their “time zone”. You are more in control. Did you ever think about that?

Take Urber or Lyft to your appointments if you don’t want to drive. Why worry if Cousin Susan has time to squeeze YOU in for your appointments? Oh, you don’t have a smart phone. Well, that ain’t so smart is it?

And people should listen to advise about installing things around the house to make life easier. Hell, I’m thinking of putting in a walk in shower when the bathroom is finally remodeled. Beats tripping over the bathtub.

It would be better to spend the money on making home easier to get around than paying a nursing home with a bunch of strangers.

That’s what I plan on doing when it comes to that. I want to be as independent as possible!

Please note that there are resources out there. Check for deliveries and sites that have people one can hire to help around the house, install stuff, etc.

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