Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Wanted to share a recipe that I should have posted last week. The temp has dropped and it almost feels like fall here. The air quality has improved, but parts of Napa are still burning. My heart goes out to the families and businesses. I was happy to read Rancho Gordo is ok. 🙂

Who has tomatoes left? I was trying to buy a box or even a flat from Dirty Girl Farms. I missed the opportunity a week ago at CUESA’s farmer’s market at the Ferry Bldg in SF.

It was a REALLY big deal to go as haven’t been all year. First time on Bart since Covid. Another big deal. 

And who wants to cook when there’s a heat wave with no ac? That’s another thing! FINALLY ordered a window AC. Out of stock everywhere so had to order one online. Delivery date was Oct. 5th. AC actually came on Friday, but since the temp dropped it’s sitting in the box, but at least for next time…

This no cook sauce is divine. Martha Stewart saves the day! According to the recipe, farmers in Italy used to make it in the morning, work the fields, then upon returning home the sauce was ready to go. I love it.

i’ve made this sauce twice and the pepper oil I keep in the frig. Used the pepper oil to roast some asparagus in the oven (no heat wave that week) and it took it up a spicy notch.

This is a keeper. Print it out and put it your recipe box, diary or notebook.

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