Airfryer Toaster Oven Rambling

Day #?? during Covid-19, Tuesday Morning

Just read a headline that said Trump is not wearing a mask at the white house back from the hospital. I don’t get it. I don’t understand.

I also don’t understand Halloween this year. On they are saying WE should celebrate since everyone else is out. We shouldn’t let covid-19 stop us from celebrating life. I agree with that, but would YOU let your kid take candy from a stranger? Hell no. I don’t get it. I really, really don’t get it.

Been fighting myself NOT to decorate the house outside as that would encourage trick’n treaters, right? Guy across the street already has pumpkins out. But I want to!!! 

Damn. That’s the stuff on this end before 7am.

Wanna share what I’ve discovered since purchasing the Cuisinart AirFryer Toaster Oven.

It was on sale and bit the bullet. Been watching the price for months and after two recent heat waves & bad air quality, why not? We have no AC and heating up the house with the oven on…

-First two rounds used airfryer for crispy chicken nuggets. DID NOT leave it the full 10 minutes. Once you can smell them, take them out! I damn near burnt the second round.

-Next I did a delicata squash slicing it with a little brown sugar and olive oil. (Normally use butter and the olive oil was a mistake. It didn’t taste as good)  I set it for 400 degrees, high fan on bake. It was kind of hard to figure out the timer for some reason. IS IT ME??

-Yesterday made shake & bake chicken. Took 2 chicken breasts (which normally I marinate in yogurt with garlic or orange juice. The damn yogurt was already gone, but the expiration date was end of week. I’m thinking some jackasses are NOT doing food safety these days due to supply limitations, but it’s only a theory) so I dipped them in egg, then panko bread crumbs with garlic power, paprika, chili power and oregano. Set the timer for 30 min, 400 degrees, fan on high in the air fryer basket that comes with the oven.

About 10 minutes in, turned the basket around as read something about hot spots, then after another 10 minutes flipped the chicken breasts. Turned out pretty good with less time in the old oven and no heat in house! That’s a big deal without AC and some days I just don’t want to open the windows cuz one neighbor is loud as hell, but that’s another story.

The timer bugs me as really not sure how to set it. The instruction booklet could be more be much more detailed to us novices. AND last I wish it was bigger!! None of my pans fit in except a deep ceramic pie dish.

I conjured up courage yesterday as decided to go to Target for supplies and look for small pans. Hadn’t been since the big Covid HOARDING. I remember shopping and seeing zombies slowly rowing their carts around filled with TP and Clorox wipes. The canned soup section was barren. I had went in to restock the normal junk for the house like paper towels, pasta, tea, etc. Did I buy any of that stuff in there? I got one package of disinfect wipes. WHY ONE PACKAGE? Cuz that shit dries out.  Anytime I’ve ever bought that kind of packaging it never lasts. I don’t know WHY I didn’t clue in at that time. DENIAL???

That’s why it was a BIG deal to go to Target. I checked on store queue. (local, but check Google for other similar sites)  It showed no line. It was before 10am and no lines! The only crap I had to deal with was upstairs looking for the small pans to fit into the toaster oven. A cutest couple was in the aisle where the small pans were located. OF COURSE, RIGHT??? I stood there and waited. They saw me and totally ignored me. They kept talking about their big ass decision to buy some bullshit pan and continued to ignore me. FINALLY, I was a polite MFer and told them, “Sorry, I need to get in and grab this,” Those MFers WOULD NOT get out of the way. SO much for social distancing. No one takes this shit seriously. WTF????

At least I got 2 pans that fit the toaster oven and hopefully not exposed to covid. AM I happy with the purchase? I think so, but need to keep using it. I think the next round will be baking. Stay tuned for some exciting bakery reviews cuz baby, it is freaking amateur hour! 

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