Is this what it comes to? Delivery?

Gone are the days of going to the grocery on impulse buying coffee or something you are out of. Are there lines? Is there any coffee? It’s so disheartening. I’m feeling like it’s a Russian bread line. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, right?

I tried ordering from Luckys and could not get a committed date. I tried ordering same day service from Costco (really living it up!) and could not get a date. I’m thinking maybe I should have went online vs using the apps?

My neighbors told me about Raleys and I’ll be damned delivery dates First date jumped up Thursday, but I decided next Saturday would be even be better. (and I went online- no app) I’m really curious if I get everything ordered.

BTW, on all these sites you can’t order bleach or TP. That means you have to go in person. DAMN IT. Knock on wood I think we are good for a couple of weeks, but I’m kind of worried as shelter in place is until May 3rd.

It’s Saturday afternoon, April 4, 2020. I’m waiting on a delivery from Bev Mo. The fees are rather steep, but at this time I’m getting really, really, really nervous about going out. YIPPIE. It arrived with everything I ordered and on time.  Guy showed up with mask and gloves and scanned in my driver’s license with an iPad. He signed for me. I also had a mask on when I answered the door. I immediately wiped off everything including the cardboard box. I’ve read that the virus lives on cardboard at least 24 hrs, plastic and metal longer.

It’s always been a dream of mine to have liquor delivery. 🙂 Ever since I saw this movie many years ago: Gotta love Betty Davis!

Good luck ordering online ( & maybe pick up is better?) and please be safe out there.

IMG_5122 4

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