Veggie Lasagna

Decided to make a veggie lasagna today because I have spinach from the farm box and need to use the Swiss chard I’ve grown during the winter. (whoo-hoo!)


1 tub of Ricotta from Trader Joes (BTW Trader Joes is a lot less expensive on diary products) Mixed in basil, garlic and parsley

I Ball mozzarella from Trader Joes (Tore pieces and added in-between layers with the sauce)

Swiss chard, spinach & garlic (Cooked and squeezed as much as I could to get the moisture out)

Mushrooms & one onion chopped (Sautéed in olive oil cooked together until soft and again squeezed out as much moisture as possible. Used button mushrooms in one of those larger containers, but we like mushrooms.)

Lasagna noodles (Organic from Sprouts)

Jar of Marinara sauce (Trader Joes)

Basil- Added a layer of leaves. (Mrs. Soprano makes her lasanage with a layer of basil leaves. Just ask Junior.)

The big deal with this dish is I read Ina Garten doesn’t boil her noodles for lasagna! She soaks them in the hottest tap water instead of boiling them!! I thought Ok, why not? My screw up was I didn’t use a pan big enough and had to chop the noodles in half. They kind of fell apart after soaking them about 30 min as I left the lid on to keep the heat. The noodles were soft and that’s the important thing, right? I just pieced them together. Now for a glass of red wine!

Update: Baked this in an air fryer oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes….but I left it in another 12 minutes and dried it up. DUH and Damn! (Ran out to move my car.) I’m thinking it can saved with more sauce and cheese. Ate it as is and was dry, but still pretty tasty.


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