Yum @ Ft. Point Beer

OMG!! YOU have to visit Ft. Point at SF Ferry Bldg. if you happen to be in San Francisco. I decided to head over to the ferry bldg. yesterday for the first time since COVID. I ordered the crab sandwich. It was a bit pricey, so had the 1/2 sandwich. SURPRISE. So damn good! Lots of crab on a buttery toasted bun. YUM!!!!

Also, was surprised to see they had a pilsner. Yippie!! SFIZIO, Italian style pilsner is crisp, light and smooth like a pilsner should be. IF they didn’t have a pilsner, I would have ordered the Villager. It’s an IPA with a ABV of 6.3% I’m not a BIG IPA fan, but can drink the Villager on draft/tap.

I can’t wait to go back and eat another crab sandwich with a couple of beers. One to sip while waiting and one to drink with that awesome crab sandwich. See ya there!


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