Version of Land Lock Ceviche 

The inspiration of land locked ceviche is from a Thug cookbook I proudly own. 

Found the recipe on the web:

BUT being shelter in  place my ingredients are:

2 old slices of lime saved from a Chipotle delivery order

1 orange

3/4 of a Meyer lemon from tree

1  jalapeño pepper diced  (used ninja blender and added green onions)

2 avocados from Imperfect box (add when ready to eat)

roasted zucchini  (left over)

wild green onions (foliaged in back yard)

cilantro that was damn near gone. picked leaves and trimmed stems

rest of small cauliflower head (from Imperfect box)

1/4 of a grapefruit from farm box (Urban Tilth)

Didn’t have any tomatoes, not enough lime juice. 

My hand is burning from chopping jalapeño peppers so now 

listening to our Governor’s – speech about when the shelter in place will be lifted.

Going to let it set up for happy hour. Recipe from Thug says to let it sit up an hour.

 Hopefully there will be a reason to celebrate. 

If this version  sucks I will update.  As always no news is good news.

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