Not in love with tofu, but…

Ran across this recipe one early morning surfing the web from Eating Well. I haven’t made it as just ordered tofu from Imperfect. (Should be here Monday.) Will update when I make it, but hoping this recipe might inspire you.

The recipe reminded of a food truck I’m forgetting the name. They made the best damn crispy spicy tofu sliders. I looked forward to having one when the truck would appear at lunch where I used to work at. YUM and YUM.

Light bulb! The name of the truck is The Chairman.. (Did it used to called Chairman Mao?) It says they use a miso vinaigrette. Also, not seeing sliders on the menu, but I’m betting the tofu sandwich is just as good. Love to try one, but none of their locations are close to me. Maybe someday…


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