Wear A Mask

English miniI love this! You can download it for free @ https://www.maggierudy.com/wear-a-mask-free-poster

Please wear a mask. I sit on my enclosed porch and watch people walking by. I’m guessing it’s 50/50. I’m thinking that no one believes it? Conspiracy Theorits? (here in the bay area…oh my! THAT many??) Don’t you want to be able to go to a restaurant, concert, your 100 member family gathering or club, concert, flea market, the mall, sports event, etc without worrying about getting covid-19? If everyone wore a mask we can knock this virus down and return to life as we knew it.

Look at Italy and Taiwan Italy is almost back to normal and Taiwan had less than 500 cases.  PLEASE WEAR A MASK. 

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