Sunday Paper Delivery No More

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Last Sunday was my final paper delivery. I’ve read the Chron for years. I just can’t bare going out at o-dark thirty to see if the paper was delivered anymore. The Sunday rule has always been to get up as soon as it’s daylight, run out to the front yard and see if the paper is there waiting for me. I hate getting up that early, but I want my paper there when I’ve made the coffee. Was there a paper waiting for me? Sometimes, but the problem was/is always delivery.  I’d get up at the crack of dawn and no delivery. I’d check again and no paper.

At 8am I’d call customer service and they would promise me delivery. That seldom happened. If anything they would deliver the Sunday paper late on Monday. Who wants to read a paper one day later? Old news is old news.

It makes me sad that I will no longer read the Chronicle. It was bad enough when the Examiner went down. They sold it to a foreign publisher and that publisher turned it into one of those free rags with tons of advertisements and no news. I miss Warren Hinckle and Rob Morse. I miss Herb Caen. I miss Michael Bauer. I miss Leah Garrick. 

I like Scott Ostler,  Carl Nolte, Willie Brown, Tom Stienstra, Vanessa Hua, and Phil Matier to name a few. Great content and awesome writers one loves to read!

I don’t like a lot of the new writers. They seem righteous and opinionated. They are to PC for me. 

Also, we have the East Bay Times. Holy crap!!! I signed up last year at an A’s game to get free stuff. What a mistake!!!!. It was ok when the price was low, but when it back up. Whoa! Way tooooo much. Trying to cancel was a joke. I called them 3 times to cancel. That didn’t work until I finally wrote a letter.

Delivery was also a problem with East Bay Times as well. Years ago I got a cryptic note about not being a Christian and God would punish me for calling customer service. Can you believe it?

So D O N E.

Grateful to have NY Times online! (Only 4 bucks a month for a year!) Now if I could find a reliable local news source…

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