Day 119 Shelter-in-Place & tomorrow is Bastille Day

Can you believe it? Covid 19 isn’t going away, but getting worse! I really wanna go out and goof off, but I’m not. I want to! Can’t even walk the dog as she was attacked by a big ass dog with no leash. I tried to block that damn dog with no luck. Twice to the vet and 8 stitches later they come out tomorrow. YIPPIE!!!!!

Tomorrow, we’ll go for our first walk in over 2 weeks. Tomorrow is also Bastille Day! LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!! Got a bottle of sparkling wine already chilling. Ordered cheese from Cowgirl Creamy as a big treat. Might go out to get a roasted chicken to celebrate,  but if I do it’s gotta be a BIG shopping trip not to go out again anytime soon.

Really don’t need anything right away. Got Imperfect being delivered today. I am grateful as it saves another trip out to the grocery wearing a mask and standing in line to check out being exposed…to hopefully nothing. You stand there trying not to touch anything or get the phone out.  Imperfect is great but, can be a challenge. You put in your order and zap! Out of stock. I’m thinking San Francisco gets priority, but I could be wrong.

Occasionally, they don’t include what was ordered or add items not ordered. Recently got an order of pork. (they are GREAT at giving credit if things go wrong btw) Sorry, haven’t ate pork in years. You know they use pig’s valves in heart surgery don’t you? Had to mention that. Gave that to a friends 4 blocks away. They haven’t been out since late January. They went into shelter in place early. I’m thinking WE ALLL SHOULD HAVE. Maybe this wouldn’t be Day 119. Maybe…. 

Getting another delivery tomorrow from Urban Tilth. I love them. They are only delivering cuz of Covid-19, when it’s finally over, it’s back to pick up. Everything is always fresh and seasonal. They grow vegetables but also get fruit and vegetables from other local farms. Recently, they had mulberries. Never had any and they were so good!!!! I don’t know where I’d buy them as never looked for them at farmers markets. I’m thinking Berekley Bowl  or (just read a few staff members had tested positive for covid & were quaratined.) Monterey Market, but haven’t been to either in so long…..

Day 119! How much longer? The human race has been attacked. It’s either from a lab or Aliens. (As I write this Invasion of the Body Snatchers is on. SCARY!!)  Call me crazy, but maybe I am since this is DAY 119 unless I counted wrong. 🙂

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