People are mean about remodeling

You know why we never remodeled? Because after buying this house in less than a year I was laid off. Eleven years on the job and laid off. THEN after getting another job within a couple of months I was laid off after two and a half years. It was scary times. 

Never took out an equity loan as a friend at the time suggested. That would have been two mortgages without a job. Screw that.

So after finally leaving a job of many years and a commute from hell,  I’m collecting on my retirement. So that means not as big cash flow and that also means this house isn’t going to be totally remodeled. It’s not like it’s falling down, but with a little bit of paint and this and that it will be good as new.

I’ve noticed some people act like if you don’t totally remodel you must be a “renter”. That’s what someone said looking at a house for sale in the hood the other day. The family that lived there completed rebuilt and  remodeled it years ago, then the husband got sick.  That house wasn’t state of the art, but it was nice, so why did this  person have attitude?. Maybe it’s cuz they did some remodeling recently. Who knows? I just thought it was offensive.  Just like an article I read where the writer said houses in the bay area that are old and not remodeled should be torn down and apartments or condos built. It was written by some jack ass praising high density. What developer was he in bed with? Maybe there should be some kind of low interest loans for homes in those kind of conditions.

I really don’t like people that are that materialist anymore. Everything has to be ready for resale. (What whore house did you come from?) A friend of mine thinks everything should be remodeled with no personal influence as not to offend the buyer. What? Who cares? Sounds like investment property to me, not a home. (Welcome to California)

So if you come visit me, I don’t wanna hear any bs about the light switch not being as clean as you think it should be. Hell, it’s as old as you and you aren’t gonna be around any longer than that light switch.

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